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Special Issue: Proteomics on rare Neurological disorders

Special Issue: Proteomics on rare Neurological disorders


This Special issue is being edited by:

Associate Professor Dr. Aslihan Gunel

Ahi Evran University Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Department of Chemistry

Head of Biochemistry,

40200 Kirsehir-TURKEY

Tel: +905306146031


Proteomics on rare neurological disorders (Neuroproteomics) is to know the protein complexes associated with nervous system. This field is comparatively new and has various applications in the field of science and therapy.

Identifying of bio-markers with the help of neuroproteomics helps in detecting rare neurological diseases. Neuroproteomics can map different proteins with the help of genome studies and also helps in mapping of the molecular template and their function.

Protein separation techniques like 2D page can be used for separation of proteins from the genome so that the function of neuroproteomics can be performed appropriately. There are some limitations in 2D PAGE, so liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry and SDS PAGE can be used to separate and identify the proteins as they can separate large proteins.

Neuroproteomics helps in studying the effects of drug addiction. Different stages of drug abuse must be analysed and mapped for protein changes with the course of drug addiction. The stages includes like enticement, ingesting, withdrawal, addiction, and removal. This will change the genome through transcription that happens due to drug abuse. The most likely protein can be identified and helps the drug to focus on the particular area.

The journal, Systems Biology and Proteome Research focuses its upcoming special issue on Proteomics on rare Neurological disorders.

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