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About The Journal ISSN: 2630-4570

Journal of Clinical and Experimental Toxicology

Journal of Clinical & Experimental Toxicology (ISSN : 2630-4570) is a peer reviewed scientific publication that offers an open access forum to explores the impact of diversified toxicity on the life including human, animal, aquatic and marine life.

Aim & Scope

The journal aims to cater to the diversified needs of veterinary professionals, neurologists, physicians, dietician, nutritionists, agricultural scientists, gynecologists, career councilors, human resource development professionals and Information Technology specialists. To this extent, the journal accommodate a vast spectrum of topics within the field of clinical and experimental toxicology, including Forensic toxicology, Environmental, Toxicology , Food toxicology, Xenobiotics, Aquatic Toxicology, Biotoxins, Nanotoxicology, Carcinogens, Clinical Toxicology, Veterinary Toxicology, Toxicology Methods and Mechanisms, Forensic anthropology, Microbial Toxins, Occupational toxicology, Systems Toxicology, Neurotoxicity, Ototoxicity, Reproductive Toxicology, Genotoxicity, Computational Toxicology, and Pesticide toxicity The journal constitutes its Editorial-Board comprising scholars from all over the world to explore the toxicology research to strengthen this field of study.

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Just Published Articles

Research Article December 19, 2018


J Clin Exp Tox: 2(2): 33-37

Novel benzoxazole derived genotoxicity apoptogenic effects in hepatoma cell.

Yaoqing Chen, Yang Wang, Xueli Xie, Abhay Pratap Singh, Jian Fu

Research Article December 10, 2018


J Clin Exp Tox: 2(2): 25-32

Cardiac ventricular diastolic phase and papillary muscle lusitropic response to Aurelia venom in abdominal arteriovenous fistulas induced murine circulation volume overloading heart.

Yang Wang, Dorothy Pokuaa, Han Wang, Annie Christel Bell, Zhihao Shen, Shouyan Fan, Linghua Piao, Zhibin Chen, Lingfeng Gao

Review Article November 27, 2018


J Clin Exp Tox: 2(2): 18-24

The preventive and curative role of Nigella sativa in poisoning cases.

Said Said Elshama

Research Article September 07, 2018


J Clin Exp Tox: 2(2): 8-17

Antimicrobial and immunomodulatory activity of pomegranate in the systemic candidiasis on Galleria mellonella.

Nara Ligia Martins Almeida, Lívia Mara Alves Figueiredo Godoi, James Venturini, Luiz Leonardo Saldanha, Anne Lígia Dokkeda, Juliana Campos Junqueira, Vanessa Soares Lara

Review Article July 23, 2018


J Clin Exp Tox: 2(2): 1-7

Effects of Pseudocedrela kotschyi stem bark on blood chemistry and histology of some organs in rats.

Attah D. Daniel