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Journal Submission Instructions

There are two approaches for manuscript submission in any of the journals. The first approach is the traditional one, which we call Direct Submission.
The second is to submit a manuscript which has been accepted for presentation at one of our conferences for journal publication consideration, a process we call Accelerated Journal Review (AJR) process.

Direct Submissions | Accelerated Review Submissions | General Comments

Direct Submissions

To submit your paper for direct consideration, please use the the email ID provided in each journal webpage respectively or authors may prefer to use the Editor Manager System link provided. Author willing to submit an article in any of the journal through the Editor Manager System should register the required details to complete the submission process.

Author(s) will receive a confirmation email from the Editor Manager System after successful completion of the submission process along with a tracking number to use for future inquiries. If author(s) are choosing Email as mode of submission, communication from the Editorial office will be send within the due time for acknowledging the receipt of the manuscript.

Authors must accompany a proper cover letter along with their manuscript during submission process. Article type should be mentioned in the cover letter as well as wherever required during the submission process. Articles of any length are considered for the journals, there is no restriction for the length of the manuscript. Manuscript preparation and formatting guidelines mentioned in every journal’s “Author Guidelines” tab should be followed strictly before submitting an article. There are no formatting or length requirements for submissions, however, we do prefer manuscripts to be single spaced and include a title page. Any manuscript accepted for publication in a journal must be formatted in accordance with our Publication Guidelines and must fall within our other guidelines with respect to language, grammar and length.

In general, our Editors strive for a low acceptance rate. There is no submission fee, but ALL authors of manuscripts which are accepted for publication must pay the Article Processing Charges (APC) mentioned in respective journal’s “Author Guidelines” section. Partial waiver for publication is provided on a case by case basis based on the discretion of the Journal Management Committee.

As is the case with other journals, we do require the work to be original and unpublished. We also expect that manuscripts submitted for consideration will not be under review at any other journal. Prior presentation of the material at a conference and/or publication in proceedings does not preclude consideration for journal publication.

Accelerated Journal Review Submissions

To be eligible for Accelerated Journal Review (AJR), the author must contact the Editorial Office. Instructions for Accelerated Journal Review submission are emailed to the authors upon receipt of the request.

The Accelerated Journal Review process is double blind refereed. Members of the various Editorial Boards who have volunteered to participate in the accelerated review process evaluate the submissions and the process is completed within approximately two weeks from the submission date. Respective author will be notified via email of the results. Because of the accelerated process, much more limited referee comments are available. The maintenance of the quality for the articles which are considered under Accelerated Journal Review (AJR) is same as for the articles under the regular process.

We do request the author(s) that each submission should contain a cover page with the paper title, author names, affiliations, and email address of all the authors. Similar to other standard peer-reviewed journals, we do require the work to be original and unpublished. We also expect that manuscripts submitted for accelerated consideration will not be under review at any other journal. We also expect that the work has not been presented at any prior conference and have not appeared in any proceeding(s). (See Submission Instructions for more information). 

General Comments

The mission of the Affiliates of the Allied Academies is to facilitate the publication and dissemination of members' work. We are not funded or supported by any University or agency. Virtually, all of our financial support comes from the author’s payment which bears the major portion of the cost of journal publication. We rely on volunteer Editors and Editorial Board Members to provide the quality of double blind review that our author(s) expect and for which our journals are known. We are particularly careful to ensure that the quality of the double blind review is upheld in our accelerated review process.

Our journals are published in various cycles, from annually to quarterly; each journal is published in electronic form. Reprints are available upon request with an additional cost. Tour journals are indexed by various organizations, and we submit the content of our publications to Google Scholar as well.  We strive to gain the widest possible audience and visibility for our authors’ work.

Whether you decide to submit a manuscript through the Direct Submission process or the Accelerated Journal Review process, we welcome your work. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us, or contact any of our Managing Editor at any time. We look forward to serving you and we greatly appreciate sharing your work with us and giving us the opportunity to support your research.

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