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Formatting Guidelines for Allied Academies Publications

Journal and Proceedings Formatting

We have designed the Detailed Formatting Instructions (DOCX) to serve as a step by step guide for formatting your paper. Because Microsoft Word 2007 is one of the more common word processors in use today, we have designed the formatting guidelines around that software. However, most of the commands and instructions are universal to other versions of MS Word. Simply download the Detailed Formatting Instructions (DOCX) file to your computer (“Save link as...”) and open it up in MS Word. The instructions walk you through formatting your paper. Once the paper is formatted you will convert it (or export it) to a PDF file. Look over the PDF copy of the paper to ensure it looks correct, then submit it as instructed.

Direct Journal Submission Formatting

Papers submitted for consideration, either through the Direct Journal Submission process or the Accelerated Journal Review process, do NOT need to follow these formatting guidelines. These papers need to include a removable title page with no author information beyond that title page (which will be removed prior to review). They can be in either Word or PDF format. If accepted for journal publication they will need to meet the above mentioned criteria. Information on submitting papers can be found on the Submission Instructions page.

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