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Journal of Systems Biology & Proteome Research

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About The Journal Open Access

Journal of Systems Biology & Proteome Research

Journal of Systems Biology and Proteome Research is a multidisciplinary scientific journal that aims to publish latest developments related to mathematical and computational modeling systems and their implications in biological science research. The journal wishes to provide a platform for the worldwide dissemination of research findings related to multiple aspects of genomics, proteomics, neuroproteomics, metabolomics, metaproteomics, network biology, population dynamics, biomics, bioinformatics and biostatistics.

Aims and Scope

Journal of Systems Biology and Proteome Research prioritizes the publication of original manuscripts that showcase the contemporary findings in key areas like protein function, cancer proteomics, plant proteomics, animal proteomics, microbial proteomics, neuroproteomics, Comparative proteomics, Mass spectrometry in proteomics, nutriproteomics, metaproteomics,  Data mining applications in proteomics and transcriptomics. The journal also publishes articles that elucidate conceptual and applicatory aspects of engineering, data mining, computer science, and information technology.

Furthermore, the journal emphasizes the publication of manuscripts that either describes the advent of new and better sophisticated biomedical techniques or innovative and novel applications of the persisting methods like mass spectrometry, microarray and big data analysis.

The journal solicits original manuscripts in the form of research articles, review articles, short communications, opinion articles and commentaries. The final acceptance or rejection of the submitted manuscript is based on the comments provided by our expert reviewers. or as an attachment to

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Just Published Articles

Review Article February 22, 2018


J Syst Biol Proteome Res: 0(0): 3-7

Fourth generation technologies in pharmaceuticals-Revolutionizing healthcare

Rohan Limaye, Laya Kumar and Dr. Nimita Limaye

Letter to Editor February 15, 2018


J Syst Biol Proteome Res: 0(0): 9-9

Structural proteomics: Do computers help?

Carlos Polanco

Editorial February 12, 2018


J Syst Biol Proteome Res: 0(0): 8-8

Sub-cellular proteomics for deep understanding.

Aslihan Gunel

Editorial February 12, 2018


J Syst Biol Proteome Res: 0(0): 1-2

Beyond Mendel, beyond Koch: Unravelling multifactorial causation in complex diseases with AI and (Meta-) genomic big data.

Andreas Henschel

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