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Journal of Child and Adolescent Health

Journal of Child and Adolescent Health is an online open access peer-reviewed journal that encourages scientific innovation and advancement in the broad area of child and adolescent health and aims at improving the dissemination of original scientific knowledge. Journal is interested in publishing all kinds of original work in this multidisciplinary field of child and adolescent health that help in improving the complete health of people in the age range of infants to young adults.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following areas- paediatrics and its sub-specialities, child healthcare policy and practice, neonatal health, child immunisation and immunology, nutrition, early detection of diseases in child and adolescents, mental developments, genetical problems, psychology and mental disorders associated with child and adolescents, social and family life of child and adolescents, youth development, epidemiology, substance abuse, physical disabilities, bullying, infant and young children medication, psychotropic medication and psychotherapy, and other health problems and treatments related to child and adolescents.

Journal follows single blind rapid peer review process with comments from at least two reviewers. All published articles are freely accessible to everyone immediately after publication in PDF and full text format.

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Just Published Articles

Editorial November 30, 2020


J Child Adolesc Health: 4(3): 25-26

Editorial note on Parents perceptions and practices toward child drowning prevention.

Luis Garido


Editorial November 30, 2020


J Child Adolesc Health: 4(3): 24-25

Editorial note on COVID-19 and childhood asthma.

Luis Garido


Research Article November 30, 2020


J Child Adolesc Health: 4(3): 1-8

A follow-up study on the psychological health, social support, and rearing behavior of left-behind children

Haiyan Xing, Wei Yu


Original Article August 04, 2020


J Child Adolesc Health: 4(3): 15-23

Awareness about menstruation before its commencement: A cross-sectional study among female high school students in Asmara, Eritrea.

Idris Mohammed Idris, Samuel Wolday


Research Article August 04, 2020


J Child Adolesc Health: 4(3): 8-14

Prevalence and factors associated with dyslipidemia in otherwise healthy Asian Indian American adolescents.

Naveen Mehrotra, Anna Petrova


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