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Journal of Anesthetics and Anesthesiology

Journal of Anesthetics and Anesthesiology is an open access, Peer- reviewed Journal which will be dedicated to submission of manuscripts in the field of anesthesia practice, airway management, anesthetic administration, preoperative & postoperative considerations, pain management, Sedation, Invasive hyposedation. Journal designed for the wide dissemination of research in this field to worldwide audience. New developments in methodology and techniques are important resources for the research community.
The core of the journal is to publish original research, review articles, clinical cases, perspective, commentary and others which provide broad sense of information on perioperative, critical care, and pain medicine in the field of Anesthetics.

Aims and Scope

The main goal of the journal is to act as a forum for publication, education, and exchange of opinions, and to promote research and publications globally and to facilitate rapid publication and circulation of novel discoveries in the field of Anesthesia.

The journal scope encompasses the knowledge in medical research of the topics related to anesthesia practice, airway management, anesthetic administration, preoperative and postoperative considerations, pain management, inhalational anaesthetics, topical anesthetics, General anesthetics, Local anesthetics, Tourniquet pain, spinal anesthesia, Nonparalytic Anesthesia, clinical anesthesia, dental anesthesia, vascular anesthesia, surgical anesthesia, anesthesia drugs, pediatric anesthesia, cardiothoracic anesthesia

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Opinion Article June 23, 2022


J Anest Anesthes: 4(3): 1-2

Suprascapular nerve block at spinoglenoid notch of hip fracture surgery based cross-sectional study.

Robert Daniel


Short Communication June 23, 2022


J Anest Anesthes: 4(3): 1-2

Hypnosis on acute dental and maxillofacial pain relief during a thermal endovenous procedure.

Thomas Anuschka


Perspective June 23, 2022


J Anest Anesthes: 4(3): 1-2

Aortic dissection & pulmonary embolism evidence-based perioperative diagnosis a systematic review.

Lamesgen Fetene


Case Report June 14, 2022


J Anest Anesthes: 4(3): 1-5

Multimodal anesthesia for kidney retransplantation in patients with advanced renal osteodystrophy.

Lucia Caroline Schons1, Carlos Darcy Alves Bersot2, Rafael Linhares3, Jose Eduardo Guimaraes Pereira4,5*


Brief Report May 13, 2022


J Anest Anesthes: 4(2): 1-4

A clinical audit on standards for grading for risk assessment & prophylactic management of postoperative nausea and vomiting.

Yilkal Tadesse Desta


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