Journal of Food Nutrition and Health

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Journal of Food Nutrition and Health

Journal of Food Nutrition & Health is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that offers pioneering research exploring the association of food and nutrition in promoting healthy living.

Journal of Food Nutrition & Health offers scholarly research articles meant to create awareness on the ill effects of malnutrition by underlining the impact of food safety and security. It emphasizes the role of comprehensive diet in building strong immune responses to prevent and fight health disorders.

Aims and Scope

The journal focuses on a wide spectrum of topics in the fields including; Food, Nutrition, Diet, Vitamins, Minerals, Salts, Fats, Proteins, Carbohydrates, water, Eggs, Legumes, Sea Foods, Vegetables, Fruits, Eating Disorders, Healthy Weight Management, Food Safety, Meal Management, Exercise, Physical activity, Malnutrition, Micronutrients, Macronutrients, Nutrition Deficiency, Non-nutritives, Food adjuncts and Drugs.

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Just Published Articles

Editorial August 05, 2021


J Food Nutr Health: 4(4): 1-2

Curing Lactose Intolerance without drugs

Shaopeng Chi

Review Article August 03, 2021


J Food Nutr Health: 4(4): 1-5

Communicational strategies to prevent mycotoxins exposure and improvecommunity health in developing countries

Gesessew Kibr*

Research Article August 03, 2021


J Food Nutr Health: 4(4): 1-5

The Effect and necessity of anthropogenic copper on fresh water aquaculture organisms: A review

Alemu Adeba*, Dessalegn Tamiru, Tefera Belachewoki

Short Communication July 30, 2021


J Food Nutr Health: 4(4): 1-2

Association between Dietary Inflammatory Index, Endometriosis and Dyspareunia

Clarissa Viana Demezio da Silva*, Valeria de Carvalho, Nitin Shivappa, James R, Hebert, Jamila Alessandra Perini, Patricia Dias de Brito, Jessica Vilarinho Cardoso, Renato Ferrari, Gutemberg Leao de Almeida Filho

Review Article July 15, 2021


J Food Nutr Health: 4(4): 1-6

A mini review on "Improving data on food losses and waste: From theory to practice"

Franck Cachia, Carola Fabi*, Piero Conforti, Jose Rosero Moncayo

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