Journal Clinical Psychiatry and Cognitive Psychology

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Journal Clinical Psychiatry and Cognitive Psychology

The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry and Cognitive Psychology is an open access journal dedicated to publish high quality scientific articles that describes the latest findings in psychiatry and psychology. In addition to the core subjects, research articles in ancillary fields such as Neuroscience, Psychology, and Psychiatry are also welcome.

The Journal targets a vast section of population including academicians, clinical practitioners, counselors, therapists, students and researchers. Every individual manuscript is subject to rigorous peer-review. In addition to Research Articles, the Journal also publishes informative Case Reports, Commentaries, Reviews, and Perspectives for synthesizing the latest findings in a coherent manner.

Aims and Scope

The Journal features articles on a variety of neurologic disorders such as Mental Disorders, Neurocognitive Disorders, Hyperactivity Disorders, Depressive Disorders, Dementia, Stress & Affective Disorders etc., with special focus on research pertaining to Neuro Imaging, Psychotherapy, Cognitive Therapy, Behavior Therapy, and Psychopharmacology.

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Just Published Articles

Awards 2020 December 06, 2019


J Clin Psychiatry Cog Psychol: 3(2): 1-1

Awards for Psychiatry Conference 2020

Sam Vaknin

Case Report November 14, 2018


J Clin Psychiatry Cog Psychol: 2(2): 14-18

Using emotional core therapy to effectively treat those individuals suffering from eating disorders.

Robert A Moylan*


Case Report November 01, 2018


J Clin Psychiatry Cog Psychol: 2(2): 11-13

Quetiapine induced acute coronary syndrome: Possible Kounis syndrome.

Çaglar Kaya*, Servet Altay


Research Paper September 22, 2018


J Clin Psychiatry Cog Psychol: 2(2): 5-10

Skin, hair and nails as pointers to neurocognitive disorders in children: our experience.

S R Chandra*, Akanksha Suresh, CS Vidhya Annapoorni, Rita Christopher, Asheeb A, Thomas Gregor Issac


Review Article September 22, 2018


J Clin Psychiatry Cog Psychol: 2(2): 1-4

The rehabilitation of the elderly in cognitive difficult: An integrated vision. Reality Orientation Therapy (R.O.T.) and the "caring" of relationship of diade elderly-care-giver.

Calabrese Cesare Maria*, Calabrese Marco Cesare, Calabrese Clelia Margherita