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Integrative Neuroscience Research

Integrative Neuroscience Research Journal is a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed periodical that focuses on the dispersal of knowledge regarding recent research developments in the field of neuroscience.

Large scale integration of the neurological data and interpretation of the complex outcomes is essential for the development of novel neuro-medical therapies related to the treatment of genetic disorders and neuroinfectious diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Down syndrome, meningitis, viral encephalitis, cerebral malaria etc.

Aims and Scope

The periodical accepts manuscripts in the form of original research article, review article, short communication, case report, letter-to-the-Editor and Editorials for publication in an open access platform. All the articles published in the journal can be accessed online without any subscription charges and will receive the benefit of extensive worldwide visibility.  

The journal scope encompasses several topics under neurology including research output related to cognition, synapse, neural communication, brain, Amygdala, Cerebrum, Cerebellum, Spinal cord, Corpus callosum, Medulla, Occipital lobe, Frontal lobe, Pons, Pituitary, etc. Integrative neuroscience showcases the research data generated from neurological research, neurophysiology, cognitive neurological research, molecular, behavioral, developmental, mathematical and computational research pertaining to neuroscience.

Processing of the articles will be done through the Editorial Manager System which will be easy to use for the authors and the publisher and will help in maintaining the quality of the peer review process and tracking the progress of the manuscript evaluation and publication in an automated way.

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Editorial May 11, 2020


Integr Neurosci Res: 4(1): 1-1

Editorial Note for Journal of Integrative Neuroscience Research

Integrative Neuroscience Research


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