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Journal of Primary Care and General Practice

Journal of Primary Care and General Practice is a peer-reviewed scientific publication that offers an open access forum to discuss the recent developments and innovative trends in the primary health care and general medical practice.

Aims & Scope

The journal aims to focus on the recent developments in the health care beyond the simple medical treatment by involving family and community. To this extent the journal encompasses a wide spectrum of topics in fields including Family Practice, Palliative care, Community-health, Prenatal Care, Perioperative nursing, Medical sociology, Healthcare delivery, Multimorbidity, Comorbidity, Polypharmacy, Quality of life, Sexual Health, Pain Management, Mental health, Primary care medicine, Medical education, Primary care epidemiology, Clinical management, Geriatric care, and Chronic Illness.

The journal constitutes its Editorial-Board comprising scholars from all over the world to explore the Primary Care and General Practice research to strengthen this field of study.

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Editorial November 16, 2020


J Prim Care Gen Pract: 3(3): 31-32

The New Norms of COVID-19

Davina Calbraith

Brief Report October 08, 2020


J Prim Care Gen Pract: 3(3): 29-30

Detail - roots, that inspire the patients and their loves ones - teach the professionals in primary care.

Anja Herzog

Research Article October 08, 2020


J Prim Care Gen Pract: 3(3): 23-28

A Job Stress, Coping Strategy and Associated Factors Among Nurses Working in Cancer Unit of Selected Governmental Hospitals of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2020: Cross-sectional Study.

Teshome Habte, Redwan Amduka, Daneil Mengistu

Brief Report October 08, 2020


J Prim Care Gen Pract: 3(3): 18-22

A Simplified Approach to COVID-19 Disease in Adult Patients for General Practitioners.

Ehsan Y Sabry

Research Article August 24, 2020


J Prim Care Gen Pract: 3(3): 3-17

Prevalence of Pressure Ulcer and Associated Factors Among Hospitalized Adult Patients in Public Hospitals Sidama Zone, South Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Regional State, Ethiopia, 2017.

AAbiru Neme, Wadu Wolancho, Gugsa Nemera, Yosef Yohanes

Short Communication August 19, 2020


J Prim Care Gen Pract: 3(3): 2-2

Primary Care Epidemiology and Polypharmacy.

Amala Chintala

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