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Journal of Cancer Immunology & Therapy

The journal welcomes submissions from all related fields to the Cancer Immunology & Therapy which utilises the immune system as a treatment for cancer. Cancer immunology is an interdisciplinary branch of biology that is concerned with understanding the role of the immune system in the progression and development of cancer; the most well-known application is cancer immunotherapy.

Aims and Scope

Journal of Cancer Immunology & Therapy is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that reflects articles on all types of tumor immunology. The journal serves as a forum for new concepts and advances in basic Cancer Discovery, Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, Cancer Immunology Research, Cancer Surgery, Advances in Cancer Prevention, Breast Cancer, Cancer Biology, Cancer Treatment, Cancer Management and Research, Integrative Cancer Therapies, Clinical cancer immunology and therapy.

Journal of Cancer Immunology & Therapy organize a new platform for the researchers, scientists, scholars, students in this field to publish their research work & update the latest research information to the scientific community. Chief criteria for acceptance are scientific novelty and quality, originality, clarity, and conciseness with early online publication, regular podcasts and an immense archive collection.

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Short Communication May 01, 2021


J Cancer Immunol Ther: 4(2): 4-4

A new approach to introduction specific point mutations in the gene coding for the dystropin : PRIME editing technology

Cédric Happi Mbakam

Short Communication May 01, 2021


J Cancer Immunol Ther: 4(2): 3-3

The Two to control cjcas9 expression in the deletion of pathogenic GAA repeat in Frataxin gene

Pouiré Yaméogo

Short Communication May 01, 2021


J Cancer Immunol Ther: 4(2): 1-1

Investigation of Biosurfactant Qualty Generated From Fungi Using Agrowaste ( Cassava Peels, Yam Peels and Potato Peels)

Ezeonu, Chukwuma

Editorial April 24, 2020


J Cancer Immunol Ther: 3(1): 1--1

Cancer immunology and therapy

Shirley Parker

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