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Mini Review - Journal of Mental Health and Aging (2021) Volume 5, Issue 2

Use of screen media and mental health: Effects on adolescents and pre-adolescents.

The children and adolescents of today’s generation are growing up in a media-saturated world. Digital media use has become the most common sedentary leisure time activity among children and adolescents. In the past decade, the development of mobile and digital technologies has taken place at such a rapid rate that researchers have had difficulties reporting evidence within limited timeframes. Growing evidence indicates that screen media usage by teenagers and pre- adolescents has deleterious ramifications on mental wellbeing. In addition to the benefits of screen media for exposure to a wide range of information and quick communication, the use of screen media has been correlated with adverse physical, psychological and social health consequences. This study focuses on the increasing use of screen media and their consequences on the various aspects of mental health of adolescents and preadolescents.

Author(s): Bibek AdhikarBibek Adhikari*i*

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