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Abstract - Current Pediatric Research (2022) Volume 0, Issue 0

Taking control: what do we mean and how can it work for parents and children with chronic illness? A systematic review.

A systematic search was performed (n=1266). In total 78 articles and guidelines were included for qualitative synthesis. Results: Eleven different terms were identified for control or related issues. Together they are needed to understand the scope of the concept of control. They are presented in the ‘Web of Control’, helps illustrate what ‘taking control’ means in practice, and summarizes the inter-relationship between the terms needed for operationalization of ‘control’. A wide variety of interventions were described as having an influence on control. None of them did have increasing control as main goal. Also, a variety in the instruments are used to measure outcomes in the studies. It is not clear to what extent these instruments are correlated with the degree of control. Conclusions: In practice, control and issues related to it are introduced as separate topics, but when we consider the shift in health care to person-centered care, a more integrated approach is necessary. The Web of Control is developed based on these insights. By providing an overview, the model helps to evaluate the concept of control in practice.

Author(s): Stephanie Vallianatos

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