Research Article - (2023) Volume 8, Issue 2

Some studies on Sarcocystis in sheep and goats in Assiut governorate Egypt

 Sarcocystis is one of the most important diseases of sheep and goats due to its zoonotic action to a

human. The present study aimed to compared the convention method of diagnosis (Macroscopic
examination) of Sarcocystis with serological test (ELISA) in sheep and goat populations in Assiut,
governorate (Egypt), beside the biochemical changes, 480 sheep and 310 goats originating from three
settlements in Assiut. Governorate, were examined by macroscopically and serological examination.
Macroscopically examination revealed that 205,110 were positive for Sarcocystis in sheep and goat
respectively in ratio of (42.70% and 35.48% respectively), in opposite of that serological examination
revealed 207 and 108 (43.12% and 34.83%) in sheep and goat respectively. There is varity in rate of
infection within the three settlements, also sex of animal play important role in rate of infection, where
highest percentage was present in females than males. The biochemical studies revealed a significant
increase in glucose and significant decrease in albumin level and globulins.
Eventually, we can conclude that ELISA test have a more sensitivity and specificity technique for
diagnosis of Sarcocystis and there is a high prevalence of Sarcocystis spp. infection managed sheep and
goats in Assiut governorate, hence further studies must be carried out to draw a plan for good control
programs to avoid human infection. ELISA assay is an efficient diagnostic test for the detection of
Sarcocystis spp. antibody and biochemical changes are very important in draw therapy protocol.
Author(s): Osman FA*, Gaadee HIM, Sara Abdel-Aal M

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