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Research Article - Archives in Food and Nutrition (2021) Volume 4, Issue 3

Production, isolation and identification of microbes in home-made complementary food flour based on maize-pigeon pea flour.

Maize (zea-mays) and pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan) were processed into flour by local methods (malting/ germination and fermentation) and used in formulating composite complementary foods at different proportions (75:25%), (25:75%) and (50:50%) respectively. The blends were formulated according to fermented maize to fermented pigeon pea, germinated maize to germinated pigeon pea respectively. The microbial contents of the raw maize flour, raw pigeon pea flour and the processed samples were evaluated using standard microbiological methods. The total heterotrophic bacterial count (13.6 × 106 cfu/ml), total heterotrophic fungal counts (3.0 × 106 cfu/ml), total coliform counts (11.6 × 106 cfu/ml), and total microbial isolates were all higher in the raw flour compared to the processed flour (4.2 × 106 cfu/ml, 1.0 × 106 cfu/ml, 4.2 × 106 cfu/ml, 1.0 × 106 cfu/ml and 3.0 × 106 cfu/ml) respectively.

Author(s): Okoronkwo Christopher U*, Nwachukwu Ndubuisi O

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