Journal of RNA and Genomics

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Awards 2020 - Journal of RNA and Genomics (2019) Volume 15, Issue 1

6th Edition of International Conference on Plant Genomics, Frankfurt, Germany on June 08-09, 2020

The main highlights of this conference are Comprehensive Eye Care, Latest Research in Crop Improvement & Plant Virology, Biofuel, Bioenergy And Biomass, Agricultural Genomics And Cereal Genomics, Horticulture Sciences, Plant Nutritional Genomics, Plant Signaling And Chemical Signaling, Genome Sequencing And Arabidopsis, Plant Tissue Culture, Crop Improvement And Plant Hormones, Plant Synthetic Biology And Plant Transcriptome, Plant Breeding, Plant Proteomics, Bioinformatics And Data Analysis, Genetically Modified, Organisms, Molecular Breeding, Plant Science, Plant Nanotechnology, Plant Pathology, Plant Metabolism And Regulation, Plant Genetics And Epigenetics, Plant Genome Engineering Strategies And Developments, Plant Functional Genomics And Biotechnology, Plant Genomics Applications, Plant Anatomy, Metabolism, Regulation And Phytology, Bioremediation, Microspore Culture, Hairy Root Transformation, Plant Glycobiology, Eco-Tourism, Environmental Ecology.

Author(s): Gregory Lang

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