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Articles in Press

2018: Volume 1, Issue 2

Research Article P.1-2

Education in cardiovascular surgery and the new technologies

Author(s): Rui Almeida

2018: Volume 1, Issue 1

Case Report P.6-9

Catheterization and surgical collaboration in the treatment of complex congenital heart disease with discontinuous pulmonary arteries.

Author(s): John P. Breinholt


2018: Volume 8, Issue 60

Original Article P.1-4

Post-operative Delirium in Lumbar Degenerative Disease

Author(s): Mustapha A. Alimi, Olukemi Lawani


2018: Volume 22, Issue 1

Research Paper P.84-82

Effects of Spirulina on GABA Receptor Gene Expression in Salicylate-Induced Tinnitus

Author(s): Yin-Ching Chan, Ming-Fu Wang, Juen-Haur Hwang


2018: Volume 2, Issue 2

Research Article P.1-5

Effects of sire additive genetic variance on growth rate within and between populations of Nigerian local chicken ecotypes.

Author(s): Gwaza DS, Dim NI, Momoh OM


2018: Volume 2, Issue 1

Research Article P.5-9

Immediate effects of two different ankle taping techniques on ankle inversion during quick lateral cutting movements; a pilot crossover randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Koya Mine, Keio Ishiguro, Takashi Nakayama