Current Pediatric Research

- Current Pediatric Research (2014) Volume 18, Issue 1

Prevalence of malignancy in thyroid nodules in children and adolescents.

This study aims to look at the prevalence of thyroid malignancy in previously healthy children and adolescents presented with multinodular goiter (MNG) and or solitary nodules for which they underwent thyroid surgery. Twenty one children and adolescents (13 males and 8 females) underwent partial or total thyroidectomy over a 10-year period. Papillary thyroid carcinoma was found in 4 (19%) patients. Three of them had metastasis to the cervical lymph nodes. Five year survival for all diagnosed cases having malignancy was 100%. Multinodular goiter as well as solitary nodules in children and adolescents may have a higher incidence of malignancy and should always be taken seriously. In absence of known environmental hazards and previously healthy individuals, a prevalence of malignancy (19%) in 21 cases is considered alarming.

Author(s): Nasser Fageeh and Suliman Al-Fifi

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