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Research Article - Journal of Pulmonology and Clinical Research (2018) Volume 2, Issue 1

Prevalence and associated factors of pneumonia among under-five children at public hospitals in Jimma zone, South West of Ethiopia, 2018.

Background: Pneumonia is a leading single disease killing under-five children. In Ethiopia, it contributes to 18% deaths of under-five children every year. These deaths are easily preventable and treatable through simple and cost effective interventions.
Objective: To assess the prevalence and associated factors of pneumonia among under -five children at public hospitals in Jimma Zone, Ethiopia.
Methods: Cross-sectional study design was conducted on 306 systematically selected participants. Data was entered in to EPIDATA version 3.1 and exported to SPSS version 23 for analysis. Variables with p- value less than 0.2 at Bivariate logistic analysis were selected for further analysis by multivariate logistic regression to declare statistically significant association at P value <0.05
Result: Prevalence of pneumonia among under-five children was 28.1%. Use wood as fuel source(P= 0.003, AOR=3.45), cook food in living room(P= 0.008, AOR= 3.34), caring of the child on mothers back or besides the mother during cooking (P= 0.008, AOR= 2.96), absence of windows in the kitchen (P= 0.001, AOR= 2.5), children who unvaccinated (P= 0.004, AOR= 4.6), Vitamin A supplementation (P= 0.002, AOR= 0.168), mixed breast feeding (P= 0.014, AOR= 3.26), moderate acute malnutrition(P= 0.002, AOR= 4) and child history of ARTI(P= 0.004, AOR= 4) were a potential determinates of pneumonia.
Conclusion and Recommendations: This study showed that the prevalence of pneumonia was high. Therefore, intervention on potential determinates such as: improved housing conditions, health education on exclusive breastfeeding and nutrition, increase immunization and Vitamin A supplementation and early control of respiratory tract infection were recommended.

Author(s): Lema KT, Murugan R, Tachbele E, Negussie BB

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