Current Pediatric Research

- Current Pediatric Research (2012) Volume 16, Issue 1

Osteomalacia in adolescents presenting as proximal myopathy

We report three adolescent patients with osteomalacia who presented initially with clinical features consistent with proximal myopathy. All patients had low serum level of 25 hydroxy vitamin D. Furthermore, radiological investigations confirmed osteomalacia. Myopathy responded well to appropriate treatment of osteomalacia. Possible pathophysiologic explanation of myopathy in patients with osteomalacia is discussed, and this report highlights that osteomalacia is an important treatable cause of proximal myopathy in adolescents.

Author(s): Hessah M. AL-Otaibi, Nasir A.M AL-Jurayyan, Sarar Mohamed, Mustafa A. M. Salih

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