Current Pediatric Research

- Current Pediatric Research (2008) Volume 12, Issue 1

nowledge of Diarrheal Management in various levels of Public health system in Aligarh

To determine the knowledge about management of acute diarrhea in the various levels of public health care system in Aligarh. Methods: This study was conducted in 4 randomly selected blocks of rural areas of Aligarh district and JNMC. Two different questionnaires were answered by the medical (medical officers and interns) and the para-medical group respectively followed by a sensitization program. Majority could define diarrhea and identify signs of dehydration. Dysentery was defined as presence of either mucous or blood in the stool by 64% of paramedical and 41% of medical group. The overuse of antibiotics and IVF was common in both the groups. Low energy diets were preferred. Awareness about low osmolarity Oral Rehydration Solution was poor in the medical group. There is a need for rigorous training and regular refresher educational programs for both the groups.

Author(s): Lavneesh Mohan Agrawal, Andleeb Rubab Shuaib, Seema Alam, M. Ashraf Malik, Zulfia Khan

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