Current Pediatric Research

- Current Pediatric Research (2013) Volume 17, Issue 2

Mycobacterium Bovis pyomyositis of unusual site in 5 months old vhild: A case report

Localized abscess in the same site of BCG vaccine is a known complication. However the occurrence of such abscess away from the site of injection is very unusual. We here, report a case of a five months old male infant who developed PCR and culture proven mycobacterium bovis abscess at the right thigh. He received his BCG vaccine on the left deltoid and his four months vaccines (OPV, DTP, HiB,PCV and Hepatitis B) on the right thigh. The exact etiology for this presentation is unknown, however wrongful inoculation of the BCG vaccine at four months can be suspected. Mycobacterium should be considered in any unexplained soft tissue abscess in areas of the world where tuberculosis is prevalent.

Author(s): Fahad A. AlFares, Jamal Sh. Omer, Amira Mustafa, Tariq AlFawaz

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