Biomedical Research

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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 12

Design and development of dual-spiral antenna for implantable biomedical applications

The objective of this paper is to design a miniaturized dual-spiral antenna for implantable bio-medical application in the frequency range 2.41 GHz of ISM band. A parametric model of a skin, fat and muscle implantable antenna is designed and analysed their parameters such as return loss, impedance matching, gain, VSWR and radiation patterns etc. The total size of the proposed antenna is 30 mm and the thickness is 1.6 mm. To make the proposed antenna is suitable for implantation and the proposed antenna is made up of alumina (Al2O3) substrate. The proposed antenna is fed by coplanar waveguide method for high frequency response. It shows the lower return loss, good impedance matching and high gain compared to other antennas. The proposed antenna design methodology can be applied to optimize antenna for several implantation scenarios and ISM band applications.

Author(s): Mahalakshmi Nachiappan, Thenmozhi Azhagarsamy

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