Current Pediatric Research

- Current Pediatric Research (2011) Volume 15, Issue 2

Child abuse presented as orofacial injury

Child abuse is the term used to describe the manhandling or torturing a child. It is a com-mon phenomenon in every class of society of the world. The children are manhandled due to one or the other reason leading to physical and psychological trauma. Although it is a commonly observed phenomenon, but it has been least reported in the literature. It is the responsibility of every citizen to protect and prevent the child from abuse. Identification of the abuse is the responsibility of health professionals. Psychologists and psychotherapist should also be involved for counseling of child and the parents in such cases. We are report-ing a case of child abuse for documentation in the literature.

Author(s): Afshan Bey, Nazia Ashfaq and Syed S. Ahmed

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