Current Pediatric Research

Original Paper - Current Pediatric Research (2017) Volume 21, Issue 4

Awareness of Riyadhs elementary school teachers about reading disability (dyslexia).

Objective: To assess the awareness of elementary school teachers about dyslexia in Riyadh city. Materials and method: This cross-sectional study of a convenient sample included 500 of elementary public and private school teachers in Riyadh city. A questionnaire that assessed the awareness and knowledge about dyslexia was distributed in the month of February 2017 and teachers were given two days to respond. The questionnaire asked about demographic data, knowledge of the diagnostic criteria of dyslexia and previous exposure to children with dyslexia. Results: A total of 600 questionnaires were distributed, 200 of which were given to boys’ schools. Response rate was 83%. Two thirds of the responses were from public schools and 61% of the responders were females with highest rate between the ages of 31-40 years and those with 1-10 years of teaching experience for both gender. Although the majority of responders documented that they were aware of the term dyslexia, they showed fair knowledge of its diagnostic criteria, a result that did not vary with any of the demographic variables or the years of teaching experience. Conclusion: The study reveals that awareness and knowledge among elementary school teachers is fair to poor regarding the diagnostic symptoms of dyslexia. We recommend that all teachers have mandatory education programs about various learning disabilities specifically dyslexia.

Author(s): Elham Hassan Alhifthy,Mona Nasser Solaim, Hanan Khalid AlJaidi, Mashael Saeed AlSaffar, Khuld Abdullah AlHudaithi, Atheer Ahmed AlGhamdi

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