Current Pediatric Research

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- Current Pediatric Research (2013) Volume 17, Issue 1

Assessment of DNA damage in babies treated with phototherapy for Neonatal jaundice.

Jaundice is one of the most common conditions which requires medical attention in neonates. In addition to the short-term side effects, phototherapy may result in DNA damage. In this study the extent of DNA damage was assessed before and after phototherapy in cases with neonatal jaundice by single cell gel electrophoresis (Comet Assay). Eighty babies with neonatal jaundice were chosen for the study. Among them 40 babies whose total serum bilirubin level was >15mg/dl and received phototherapy formed the case group and the other 40 babies with total serum bilirubin level <15mg/dl who did not require phototherapy formed the control group. The comet head diameter was decreased in post phototherapy group (42.37±10.3) compared to pre phototherapy study group (49.34±10.7) with p < 0.05. The tail length was increased in post phototherapy group (25.19±11.77) compared to pre phototherapy (7.95±14.25) study group and controls (2.28±0.8) with p value < 0.05. We conclude that phototherapy causes significant DNA damage in babies with neonatal jaundice.

Author(s): Anitha Nancy. T, Parkash Chand, Vishnu Bhat B, Sridhar MG, Ramachandra Rao K

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