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Case Report - Biology & Medicine Case Reports (2018) Volume 2, Issue 3

A rare case of non-resolving pneumonia: Lipoid pneumonia

Lipoid pneumonia (LP) is defined as a clinical and radiological sum of abnormalities due to aspiration of oil-based foreign material to the lung. There are two kinds of lipoid pneumonia defined in the literature. Exogenous LP is associated with aspiration of oily material to the airways and finally the lung parenchyma consciously or accidentally as in fire-eater?s lung. Endogenous LP is a more complicated situation that occurs when an endogenous lipoid material fills the alveolar space without any history of aspiration. It is associated with certain conditions like bacterial pneumonia. The pathogenesis is similar to alveolar proteinosis. We report a case of non-resolving pneumonia finally diagnosed as exogenous lipoid pneumonia caused by aspiration of a liquid laxative.

Author(s): Bilge Yilmaz Kara , Songul Ozyurt , Yavuz Metin, Dilek Karadogan, Unal Sahin

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