Biomedical Research

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Biomedical Research

2015: Volume 26, Issue 3

  • The relationship between HDL-associated PON1 activity, oxidative stress and brain natriuretic peptide in NYHA functional class ii-iv heart failure patients.
    Esin Eren, Hamit Yasar Ellidag, Ozgur Aydin, Selcuk Kucukseymen, Ozlem Giray, Sakir Aslan, Necat Yilmaz

  • Evolution of human medical model and development course of medical humanistic spirit.
    Fuqing Gong, Yunpeng Diao, Taowen Pan, Min Liu, Hongliang Sun

  • Study on the chemical constituents of Momordica charantia L. leaves and method for their quantitative determination.
    Wen Li, Zhaozhou Lin, Chengjie Yang, Yubo Wang, Yanjiang Qiao

  • Synthesis of some tricyclic indeno [1, 2-d] pyrimidine derivatives as a new class of anti-breast cancer agents.
    Mostafa M. Ghorab, Mansour S. Alsaid

  • Biochemical and molecular characterization of cerebrospinal fluid for the early and accurate diagnosis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
    Sunita D Singh, Tariq Masood, Ravjit K Sabharwal, Narotam Sharma, Satish C Nautiyal, R.K. Singh

  • Volatile constituents in Du Jiao Lian and their effects on proliferation of breast cancer T47D cell lines.
    Tao Jiang, Jiefeng Zhang, Yongqing Zhang, Yongteng Shi, Jian Wang, Rong Ma

  • The relationship between postural deviations and body mass index among university students.
    Malepe MM, Goon DT, Anyanwu FC Amusa LO

  • Dyslipidaemia and impaired glucose levels in apparently healthy semi urban population in Pondicherry.
    Sharbari Basu and P. Uma Rani

  • Inhibitory effect of active extract of Polygonum Cuspidatum on human colon cancer SW480 Cells.
    Jianlei Yuan, Tao Lan, Jianzhong Liu, Guihua Wang, Qingsen Sun, Hui Chen, Junhua Ren, Jinsheng Zhang, Liansheng Sun

  • High binding yields of viable cancer cells on amino silane functionalized surfaces.
    Bin Hu, Qiankun Zhu, Zhenzhuang Xu, and Xiaobo Wu

  • Occurrence of blaCTXM-2, blaSHV, blaTEM genes in ESBL-producing bacteria from retail sausages in Kampar, Malaysia.
    Li-Yen She, Lih-Shin Tew and Choy-Hoong Chew

  • Method for quantitative determination of matrine in Sophora alopecuroides L. and its inhibitory effect on breast cancer MCF-7 cell proliferation.
    Yongyun Shi, Guodong Shen, Hanlin Fang, Chuankui Xu, Shilian Hu

  • Role of microalbuminuria and C - reactive protein as a marker of coronary artery disease.
    Rajesh K Singh, Ravjit K Sabharwal, Tariq Masood, Sumita Sharma, Kiran Bhat, R K Shrivastava

  • Comparison of the effects of reflexology and massage therapy on primary dysmenorrheal.
    Sara Azima , Hajar Rajaei Bakhshayesh, Samaneh Mousavi , Akram Ashrafizaveh

  • Comparison of the effects of three commercial media on preimplantation mouse embryo development and morphological grading.
    Mohd-Fazirul M, Nor-Ashikin MNK, Kamsani YS, Sharaniza Ab-Rahim, Norhazlin JMY, Wan-Hafizah WJ, Razif D, Froemming GRA and Kapitonova MY

  • Safety and efficacy of radiofrequency ablation with internally cooled electrode for perivascular hepatic malignancy.
    Liping Wang , Liyu Chen , Dong Xu , Chen Yang, Kaiyuan Shi, Chaowen Qian, Junping Liu

  • A survey study of employment intention and related factors in medical college students.
    Cen Yan, Changqin Jing, Yi Yu

  • A wireless based power transmission to supply deep brain stimulators.
    Mehdi Niroomand, Mahbubeh Lotfian

  • Classification of brain MRI images using support vector machine with various Kernels.
    M. Madheswaran and D. Anto Sahaya Dhas

  • Wavelet analysis of EEG for seizure detection: Coherence and phase synchrony estimation.
    D.K. Ravish, S. Shenbaga Devi, S.G.Krishnamoorthy

  • Analysis of physiological signal variation between autism and control group in south indian population.
    Sasikumar K, George Priya Doss C , Adalarasu K

  • Seizure detection by classification of EEG signals based on DWT reconstruction error and CWT using a Novel Wavelet.
    P. Grace Kanmani Prince, R. Rani Hemamalini, Suresh Kumar

  • Antioxidant potency of Iranian newly cultivated wild mushrooms of Agaricus and Pleurotus species.
    Sharare Rezaeian, Sara Saadatmand, Taher Nejad Sattari, Amin Mirshamsi

  • Is 3D Digital Subtraction Angiography Really Perfect? Enlightenment from a Case with Both False Positive and False Negative Results.
    Fei Wang, Feng Chen, Hai-Ling Li, Peng Sun, Xiang-Ming Liu, Ting-Jian Yang, Hao-Qing Song

  • Sociodemographic characteristics of patients with Demodex brevis and Demodex folliculorum infestation and its association with rosacea and Beh├žet?s disease
    Suleyman Durmaz, Erkan YULA, Ozlem AYCAN KAYA, Aysegul AKSOY GOKMEN, Cetin KILINC, Metin ATAMBAY, Ozlem EKIZ, Harika GOZUKARA BAG, Bayram PEKTAS

  • Analysis of the content and correlation of 6 Trace Elements in maternal and fetal blood in Shenyang area.
    Yan Qi and Juan Du

  • Spectral presentation of Plasmodium falciparum malaria in rural Karnataka (Southern India).
    Ravishankar MS, Mohan ME, Ramesh TP*, Dayananda G

  • Gender differences in body composition, respiratory functions, life style among medical students.
    Magda HM Youssef; Moaz Mojaddidi; Mohamad Fath El Bab; Wafaa Abd El Nabi and Mohamad Salem

  • Knowledge regarding HIV/AIDS and views on HIV testing before marrying migrant workers among rural higher secondary school students in Bangladesh.
    ME Hoque

  • Expression of myogenin and CD105 in autologous bone marrow derived mesenchymal stromal stem cells of Duchenne muscular dystrophy patients.
    Sumit Jhajharia, Tapaswini Pradhan Ashok Kumar Das, Prakash C.Mohapatra

  • Detection of rapid eye movement behaviour disorder using short time frequency analysis of PSD approach applied on EEG signal (ROC-LOC).
    Mohd Maroof Siddiqui, Geetika Srivastava, Syed Hasan Saeed

  • Changes in serum cytokine levels in hand-foot-and-mouth disease.
    Tong-Zeng Li, Tai-Yi Jiang, Lian-Chun Liang

  • Effect of Tripterygium wilfordii on LPS-induced acute lung injury and quantitative determination of its active constituents.
    Fengzhi Xin, Taowen Pan

  • Regression analysis for testing association between fasting blood sugar and glycated hemoglobin in diabetic patients.
    Haseeb A. Khan, Samia H. Sobki, Abdullah S. Alhomida