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Current Issue

2019: Volume 30, Issue 6

Research Paper P.895-899

Effect of proton pump inhibitors on glucose tolerance among Type 1 diabetes mellitus: A clinical narrative review

Author(s): Elshaeir NAF, Gillani SW, Ismail RMA, Ayash B, Al-Ani RAJ, Ali AME, Shenouda WWA

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Research Article P.887-894

Comparison of several digital techniques for electroencephalography processing

Author(s): Darwich A, Aboud K2, Ali S, Abbas W

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Research Article P.900-913

Toxicological perspective of cadmium on estuarine edible crab Scylla serrata regarding ovarian maturation.

Author(s): Revathy R, Langeswaran VK, Balasubramanian MP

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Research Article P.914-919

A study on musculoskeletal morbidity among professionals in information technology hub, Salt Lake City, Kolkata

Author(s): Mukesh Kumar, Shibani Dutta, Indranil Saha, Asim Saha, Krishna Prasanth

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Research Article P.920-923

Numerical study of the influence of ultra-thin veneer materials and its thickness on their biomechanical behavior

Author(s): Ayham Darwich, Mayssa Shash, Ali Ali, Hasan Nazha, Ali Marouf, William Abbas

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Research Article P.815-818

Seroprevalence Of Leptospirosis Among Subjects With Fever In Chennai - A Cross Sectional Study

Author(s): Nandhini MS, Krishna Prasanth B, Martin Lucas, Tarun Anand, Shifa Meharaj SH, Diwakar K


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Research Article P.819-825

Perception and practices of antimicrobial stewardship by community pharmacists in Aden-Yemen

Author(s): Mohammed Alshakka, Wafa F Badulla, Awsan Bahattab, Nazeh Al-Abd, Mansour A Mahmoud, Yasser Alahmadi, Syed Wajid, Omer Attef


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Short Communication P.826-827

A randomized trial study: HFO with NIMV compared with HFO alone in adult patients affected by acute hypoxemic respiratory failure due to pneumonia

Author(s): Giulia Marullo, Giulia Bottani, Fabio Centuroni, Andrea Bellone


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Research Article P.828-833

Microbiological, Parasitological And Lead Contamination Of Herbal Medicines Consumed In Enugu, Nigeria

Author(s): Onyemelukwe Ngozi F, Chijioke Olive U, Dozie-Nwakile Ogechuckwu, Ogboi Sonny Johnbull


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Research Article P.834-838

Efficiency of the diode laser in preventing orthodontic induced pain in Sulaimani city: In vivo, comparative study

Author(s): Ara O Fattah, Aras M Rauf, Balsam M Mardan


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Research Article P.845-850

Facial index among Igbo children and adolescents in Enugu

Author(s): Obinna Remigius Okwesili , Emmanuel Nebuwa Obikili, Johnson Uche Achebe


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Research Article P.851-857

Superlative behavior of W/O type phytocosmetic formulation’s SPF (solar protection factor) in response to thixotropic and antioxidant attributes.

Author(s): Abdul Hameed, Muhammad Khurram Waqas, Muhammad Asrar, Sattar Bakhsh, Muhammad Sarfraz, Hashmat Ullah, Tanseer Abbas, Muhammad Irfan, Muhammad Akhlaq Awan, Shakeel Ijaz, Muhammad Ramzan, Naveed Akhtar


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Research Article P.858-863

Neuropsychiatric symptoms in a patient diagnosed in adulthood with Metachromatic Leukodystrophy: Case report of low incidence and prevalence in Colombia

Author(s): Cordoba A, Alvear L, Hurtado-González CA, Ramos GE, CINEPSIS, SEMINEC


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Research Article P.871-874

Importance of the identification of the CYP3A4*2 polymorphism for the prescription of pharmacological treatment

Author(s): de la Cruz-Rojas Angélica, Mejia-Sanchez Fernando, Hernández-Serrano Maricela, Montenegro-Morales Laura, Castillo-Cadena Julieta


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Research Article P.875-881

An intervention study on utilization of cauliflower leaf powder (CLP) on the nutritional status of selected rural school children of Kumarganj, Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India

Author(s): Sadhna Singh, Manju Lata Mishra, Pratibha Singh


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Case Report P.864-870

A novel site mutation in a wiskott-aldrich syndrome boy: A case report

Author(s): Yali Wu, Lingkong Zeng, Wei Yin


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