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Flavonoids are 15 carbon water soluble polyphenolic groups. It is different in to 6 most important subgroups along with chalcone, flavone, flavonol, flavanone, anthocyanins and isoflavonoids. In aggregate with the carotenes, flavonoids are answerable for color of fruits, greens and herbs. Flavonoids are popular for its antioxidant activity. Open get entry to provide the readers a barrier loose waft of studies paintings and conceptualized knowledge via online. To accelerate the tempo of medical innovations, discovery, and best enriched education device and boom the global economy, open access is a key to success in dissemination of information to global community. Vitamins & Minerals is one such open get entry to journal publishing the research, review, case reports, short commentaries and editorials pertaining to the field of nutrients sciences on quarterly basis for its readers. 

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