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The clinical benefit of PEG-IFNa-2B consequences from the definite detail that it's extremely slowly cleared after administration, resulting in an extended terminal elimination half-life (t 1/2 ) and a far better systemic exposure (both AUC and C max ) in both preclinical and clinical studies conferring an increased efficacy compared to IFNa-2B. The pegylation of IFNa- 2B also renders the molecule less immunogenic; Pegasys ® (pegylated Interferon a) is a smaller amount immunogenic than Roferon ® (native Interferon a). The toxic kinetic profile of PEG-IFNa-2B obtained during a GLP preclinical toxicology study involving the repeated administration of the biopharmaceutical for 13 weeks by the subcutaneous route in Macaca fascicularis.

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