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Most of the selenium inside the frame comes from the diet. The amount of selenium in food relies upon on where it's far grown or raised. Crab, liver, fish, poultry, and wheat are commonly right selenium sources. The quantity of selenium in soils varies plenty across the world, which means that the foods grown in those soils additionally have differing selenium levels. In the U.S., the Eastern Coastal Plain and the Pacific Northwest have the bottom selenium levels. People in these regions naturally soak up approximately 60 to ninety mcg of selenium per day from their diet. Although this amount of selenium is adequate, it's miles underneath the average every day intake inside the U.S., which is one hundred twenty five mcg. Selenium is used for selenium deficiency, a disease that reasons underactive thyroid,  and  high blood pressure at some stage in pregnancy. It is likewise used for illnesses of the coronary heart and blood vessels, consisting of stroke, headaches from statin drugs, and abnormal cholesterol levels, as well as for many different conditions, however there's no proper clinical evidence to support those uses.

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