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Trastuzumab, sold under the name Herceptin among others, may be a antibody wont to treat carcinoma and stomach cancer. it's specifically used for cancer that's HER2 receptor positive. it's going to be employed by itself or along side other chemotherapy medication. Trastuzumab is given by slow injection into a vein and injection slightly below the skin.

Common side effects include fever, infection, cough, headache, trouble sleeping, and rash.Other severe side effects include coronary failure , allergies , and lung disease.Use during pregnancy may harm the baby.Trastuzumab works by binding to the HER2 receptor and slowing down cell duplication

Trastuzumab was approved for medical use within the us in 1998. it's on the planet Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines, the safest and best medicines needed during a health system. As of 2014, the wholesale price within the developing world is between US$1,800 and US$1,955 per 440 mg vial. within the uk , a 150 mg vial costs the NHS £407.00. A biosimilar was approved within the us in 2018.

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