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Awards 2020 - Journal of Cancer Immunology & Therapy (2019) Volume 2, Issue 1

Award Announcement for International Conference on Cancer Science and Cancer Therapy

Adrian Udrea

Chief Medical Officer, Medisprof cancer center, Romania, E-mail: [email protected]

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Allied Academies awards are intended to nail the exceptional contributions and encourage young and leading researchers into the areas of oncology, cancer, cancer treatment within the technical outlook of the Cancer Therapy 2020 conference. The Victor will be selected using paper or abstract reviews and further study by an Awards Committee. The awards will be presented at International Conference on Cancer Science and Cancer Therapy during September 09-10, 2020 in Toronto, Canada and also announced on the conference website.

Best Keynote Speaker Award:

Being a keynote speaker one needs to be able to sound the ‘key note’. This means to present a message that engages an audience at an emotional level, but which is built around the broader scope of the conference. The Best Keynote Speaker award of Cancer Therapy 2020 Conference acknowledges the speakers, who have the potential and experience to engage a wide variety of audiences, delight them with their style, way of presentation, humour and deliver a point or message that conveys their expertise.

Best Presentation Awards

There will be a number of technical sessions in the Cancer Therapy 2020 conference under different topics. This award is dedicated to the exceptional presentation considering each and every presenter of the Cancer Therapy 2020 conference, which is the most effective, inspiring, professional and are presented through an authoritative, impactful and engaging speaker. Basing on the suggestion and marks given by the committee for each and every presentation and after the Conference Chair’s own reading of the papers, the Chair decides which presentation will receive the Best Presentation Award.

Session’s Best Presentation Award

Each and every presentation is observed and evaluated by Chair and Co-Chair of the respective sessions and the average mark of both the chair and co-chairs are taken as the final mark. The Cancer Therapy 2020 conference Session’s Best Presentation will be selected based on the final mark received and the final result is given by the Conference Chair.

Best Student Presentation Award

In order to identify and appreciate the excellent work by student attendees, this award will be given for the fabulous presentation of Cancer Therapy 2020, and award holder must be a student and also must be registered as a student. Based on an absolute standard of excellence, the award is provided and all student presenters will be considered for the same. Based on the evaluation and reading of the papers, Conference chair decides which presentation will be awarded with the Best Student Presentation Award. Master students, Undergraduates, and Ph.D. students will be considered under this category.

Best Poster Presentation Award

In order to select best poster presentation from the poster session, conference organizing committee has appointed Poster Judge to evaluate the poster session; Poster Judge decides which poster presentation will receive the Best Poster Presentation Award.

Best Exhibitor Award

Inorder to achieve this particular award, the Exhibitors should clearly show the product and/or service (signs, visuals, products), they should be an identifiable exhibitors (uniforms, name badges worn on right lapel), their presence should be within the exhibit at all times, attractiveness of the product display (clean, well-lit, ample display). Attention-getters, crowd appeal (activity, demonstrations), way of greeting the customers and professionally made signage. To win the Cancer Therapy 2020 conference Best Exhibitor Award, the exhibit/booth must excel in above criterion, rise above the competitors, and clearly reflect excellence in pharma, cancer and oncology field.

Best Video Presentation Award

Video Presentation is sent in by the participants who are not able to make their physical presence to the conference but who would like to spread the word of their outstanding research work. Video presentation should be a Pre Recorded Video and it will be played at the conference hall in their respective session. Cancer Therapy 2020 Conference does not fail to appreciate their effort and recognize their best entry with the Best Video Presentation Award and a certificate.

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