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Accelerating vaccine process development and manufacturing: Innovative approaches and challenges

21st World Congress and Exhibition on Vaccines, Vaccination & Immunization
November 09-10, 2017 Vienna, Austria

Anissa Boumlic-Courtade

Merck Group, France

Keynote : Virol Res J


Preventable diseases vaccines save millions of lives but are not always delivered when needed to a large fraction of the population. In addition, there are several infectious diseases that remain without cure or vaccine. Innovations in process development and manufacturing are unavoidable to enable release of existing and novel vaccines and their delivery where and when they are mostly needed. This presentation will outline where innovative approaches and technologies while developing and/or optimizing the process and at manufacturing scale can accelerate clinical phases and compress the time to market of highly needed vaccines. Furthermore, using case studies like Ebola and influenza outbreaks, challenges will also be highlighted in pandemic situations and approaches will be discussed on how to alleviate roadblocks and be better prepared to manufacture vaccines in urgent situations.


Anissa Boumlic-Courtade PhD is the Associate Director for the vaccine initiative in EMEA with Merck. She joined Merck in 2009 (formerly Millipore) after research experience in various institute including Pasteur Institute of Athens and the CNRS (National Center for Research, France). She has held various positions focused on downstream processing, virus safety, monoclonal antibody, vaccine process development and manufacturing.  She holds a MSc in Biotechnology Engineering from the Ecole Supérieure de Biotechnologie (ESBS) de Strasbourg (France) and a PhD in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry specialized in Virology from the University of Strasbourg co-directed with the University of Thessaly (Greece).

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