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HIV/AIDS in Cameroon: Rising gender issues in policy-making matters

July 26-27, 2017 | Vancouver, Canada

Eseme Nnorge Divine

Presbyterian General Hospital, Cameroon

Scientific Tracks Abstracts : Virology research J


This literature review investigated gender differentials in HIV/AIDS in Cameroon and to which extent gender was taken into account in the country’s current policy on HIV/ AIDS. The review found that in Cameroon women were at increased risk of being infected with HIV/AIDS compared to men and that apart from biological vulnerability, Socio-cultural as well as economic factors accounted for those differences. In addition, the review found that at the policy level, the government has drawn up plans to reduce the high prevalence of HIV/AIDS among women. However, although the current policy acknowledged the need for tackling gender differentials in HIV/AIDS transmission; little has been done at the level of implementation. The current policy needs to be implemented in a more effective manner and a multi-sectorial approach should be explored in order to curb the current trend of the feminization of HIV/AIDS in Cameroon.


Eseme nnorge divine currently works at Presbyterian general hospital, Cameroon.

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