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Atrial Natriuretic Peptide

Atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) is the primary hormone segregated from the heart as a strong natriuretic/diuretic and hypotensive factor. ANP has an intra-sub-atomic ring structure associated by two cysteine deposits and N-terminal and C-terminal augmentations from it. ANP is available in warm blooded animals, creatures of land and water and hard fishes, however missing in fowls, reptiles, cartilaginous fishes, and cyclostomes. ANP instigates significant natriuresis/diuresis, hypotension, and restraint of aldosterone discharge in warm blooded animals and creatures of land and water. In teleost fish, ANP is a hypotensive hormone yet its osmoregulatory impact is progressively adaptable. In eels, ANP powerfully restrains drinking and intestinal NaCl retention, applies a feeble antidiuretic impact and animates cortisol emission, all of which advance seawater adjustment. In human, ANP is a significant objective for finding and treatment of cardiovascular breakdown. ANP knockout outcomes in salt-delicate hypertension.

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