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Research Article P.1-10

Consumption pattern, processing, exporting status and policy prospects of fruit and vegetables in Ethiopia: A review

Author(s): Mawardi Yusufe Adame*, Getachew Neme Tolesa, Tilahun Seyoum Workneh

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Review Article P.1-5

Postharvest treatments and shelf life of some tropical fruits

Author(s): Milkesa Feyera*, Tseganesh Abdo

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Research Article P.1-7

Evaluation of selected spices and herb extracts on oxidative stability, microbial and sensory quality of fermented cow milk butter.

Author(s): Genet shiferaw Bule*, Engeda Dessalegn Awegachew, Yassin Hassen

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Research Article P.1-5

Effects of packaging material and storage condition on physicochemical quality and shelf stability of dried tomato powder

Author(s): Mawardi Yusufe Adame*


Research Article P.1-5

Effect of Sudan II adulteration of palm oil on the serum enzyme, bilirubin concentration and renal function biomarkers of albino wistar rats.

Author(s): Aniekan S Henshaw*, Ima-obong Williams , Henry E. Peters , Christine A. Ikpeme

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