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Review Article - Journal of Food Science and Nutrition (2021) Volume 4, Issue 8

Optimization of phenolic compounds extraction from ruta chalepensis (Tenadam)leaves and determination of antioxidant activity.

Phenolic compounds extraction is a great research required to their bioactive properties such as antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-mutagenic, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory activity. In this study extraction, optimization and determination of phenolic compounds from Ruta Chalepensis (Tenadam) leaves has been recognized as good sources for antioxidant potential on butter. the phenolic compounds were extracted by soxhlet apparatus (Scintifica VELP modern soxhlet) and the extraction process parameters such as extraction time (90-180 minute), type of solvents (ethanol, methanol and acetone) and solid mass to solvent ratio (0.05-0.10) were optimized by using response surface methods. Extraction conditions significantly (P<0.05) affect phenolic compounds of Ruta Chalepensis leaves extract. the yield of phenolic compounds was ranged from 150.09 mg GAE/gm of dry weight to 334.12 mg GAE/gm of dry weigh. The optimal extraction conditions predicted by the models were time at 105.34 minute, ratio at 0.06, and solvent by Acetone gave the optimal predicted values of 334.22 mg GAE/gm of dry sample. Under optimized conditions the experimental values were agreed with the values predicted by the proposed models. Antioxidant from natural origin have attracted to protect the human body from free radicals, due to its high content of phenolic compounds. the ability of phenolic antioxidant was analyzed in vitro by DPPH, ferric reducing power assay. the IC50 which is concentration required to quench 50% of the DPPH radical, was computed to be 17.55 mM of ascorbic acid and 37.156 mM of extract of Ruta Chalepensis leaves respectively. And the smaller the value of the IC50 indicates the higher antioxidant activity. The ferric reducing value was 115.75 mgAAE per gram of dry weight and the reducing value was significant indicator of its potential antioxidant activity. Ruta Chalepensis leaves has flavonoid content that was conducted 36.818 mg QE/gram of dry weight. the extract of Ruta Chalepensis leaves (Tenadam) was conducted different functional groups some of them were aromatic, aliphatic, alcohol and hydroxyl compound (phenolic compound), carboxylic compounds and soon.

Author(s): Endalkachew Gebeyanesh*

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