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Current Pediatric Research

2016: Pediatric research
  • Research Article
    Parental perceptions of their child's kidney disease.
    Noran M Abu-Ouf, Albaraa Sumeer Abualhamyl, Nouf Fahad AlJahdali, Jameela A Kari
  • Research Article
    Contribution of the passive ultrasonic irrigation ?PUI? and LASER Nd: YAP in the reduction of endodontic bacterial flora.
    Najah NF, Sid R, Ghodbane N
  • Research Article
    Health-related quality of life of perinatally HIV-infected adolescents.
    Linda Aurpibul, Peninnah Oberdorfer, Worawut Choeyprasert, Orawan Louthrenoo
  • Research Article
    Comparative of early parenteral nutrition and late parenteral nutrition in preterm neonates.
    Tzu-Rong Peng, Fang-Pei Tsai, Ta-Wei Wu
  • Case Report
    Amazia: A rare anomaly in a resource poor setting
    Oluwayemi IO, Agaja OT
  • Case Report
    An audit of oxygen prescribing practices in a tertiary care hospital.
    Janani Sankar
  • Research Article
    Clinical and magnetic resonance imaging features in survivors of acute encephalitis syndrome in Uttar Pradesh, India.
    Pranaya Mall, Anuj Verma, Anirban Basu, Chandrakanta, Saima Firdaus Khan, Amita Jain, PiyushTripathi, Sunil Jain, Anit Parihar, Rashmi Kumar
  • Research Article
    Beta-lactamases in P. aeruginosa: A Threat to Clinical Therapeutics
    Supriya Tankhiwale
  • Research Article
    Effect of Visceral Manipulation on Liver Enzymes on a Child with Cerebral Palsy
    Yousef Salah Salem
  • Case Report
    Coronary Compression by a Right Ventricle to Pulmonary Artery Conduit: A Rare but Serious Complication.
    Mohammed Al-Jughiman, Maryam Al-Omair
  • Short Communication
    Secondhand Smoke: A Man-Made Disaster to Oral Health of Children!
    Anil Patil
  • Case Report
    A Case of Gastric Rupture in Non-Neonatal Child with Incontinentia Pigmenti and Intestinal Neuronal Dysplasia, is there any Correlation?
    Ester De Luca, Debora De Bartolo, Natalia Minelli, Francesco Ausania, Santo Gratteri, Pietrantonio Ricci
  • Case Report
    Pediatric Pulmonary Actinomycosis: Case Report and Review of Literature
    Albar Rawia F, Alqurashi Mansour A, Alfaidi Ahmed M, Alesa Abdullah A, Fatani Abrar N
  • Case Report
    Study of Serum Magnesium Levels in Neonatal Jaundice: The Effect of Phototherapy.
    Mohamed S El Frargy, Hamed M El-sharkawy, Gihan F Attia
  • Research Article
    Association of an Intronic Variant of Faciogenital Dysplasia 1 (FGD1) Gene with X-linked Intellectual Disability.
    Yashvant Khimsuriya, Nikhil Kharod, Ghanshyam Padmani, Jenabhai Chauhan, Nilanjan Roy
  • Case Report
    Gigantomastia in perinatally HIV-infected female adolescent on efavirenz including antiretroviral treatment.
    Linda Aurpibul, Peninnah Oberdorfer
  • Research Paper
    Heme oxygenase-1 in donor human milk.
    Chiara Peila, Alessandra Coscia, Enrico Bertino, Giovanni Livolti, Ignazio Barbagallo, Gerard HA Visser, Diego Gazzolo
  • Case Report
    Juvenile aggressive fibromatosis of the oral cavity treated conservatively: A case report.
    Aniruddha Annasaheb Varekar, Sandeep B Patil, Anil Patil, Someshwar M Golgire, Pranav D Patil, Dilip B Magdum
  • Case Report
    Nocturnal enuresis among Sudanese children with sickle cell disease.
    Fathelrahman E Ahmed, Eslam E Salim, Karim Eldin M Salih
  • Review Article
    Challenges to the empiric management of neonatal sepsis using gentamicin plus ampicillin.
    Minyahil Alebachew Woldu, Melaku Tiliku Tamiru, Alemseged Beyene Berha, Demissew Berihun Haile
  • Research Article
    Comparison of propofol and ketamine induced anatomical upper airway changes in children at magnetic resonance imaging.
    Pelin Karaaslan, Arash Pirat, Erkan Yildirim, Muhtesem Agildere, Gulnaz Arslan