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Current Issue

2019: Volume 23, Issue 2

Research Article P.49-55

Study of balance between T-helper 17 /T-regulatory cells in systemic lupus erythematosus and its relation to disease activity

Author(s): Sheren Esam Maher*, Hanan Aly Taha, Walaa G. Hozayn, Ahmed Mohamed Okasha, Amer E Ahmed, Manar Ali Shata, Emad A. Abdel-Naem

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Case Report P.56-59

Cornelia de lange syndrome with hypertrichosis in 4-month-old infant: A case report

Author(s): Noor S Bawahab, Afnan A Bahamim, Abdulmoein E Al-Agha*

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Case Report P.60-63

Complete androgen insensitivity syndrome in a Saudi adolescent Girl: A case report

Author(s): Afnan A Bahamim, Noor S Bawahab, Abdulmoein E Al-Agha*

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Research Article P.71-76

Models predicting complication in congenital anomaly kidney and urinary tract

Author(s): Oke Rina Ramayani, Yenita Djas, Rafita Ramayati, Putri Chairani Eyanoer*, Kiking Ritarwan

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Review Article P.77-81

Antiepileptic drugs withdrawal in children: An update

Author(s): Operto FF*, Mazza R, Pastorino GMG, Amadori E, Aiello S, Campanozzi S, Verrotti A, Matricardi S

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Research Article P.82-87

Congenital pulmonary adenomatoid malformation: Indication and management of fetal shunting in our center

Author(s): Molinaro F, Schneider A, Talon I, Sananes N, Messina M, Becmeur F, Favre R

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Case Report P.88-91

Extensive subcutaneous fat necrosis complicated by neonatal hypercalcaemia.

Author(s): Waad M. Al-Ghamdi, Asmaa Adel Milyani, Abdulmoein Eid Al-Agha

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Research Article P.97-100

Pediatric education efforts: Enhancing pediatric concussion recovery with a step-wise information sheet

Author(s): Kendra Jorgensen-Wagers*, Stephanie Maxfield-Panker, George Smolinski

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Research Article P.101-105

Study of Vitamin D and melatonin supplementation as adjuvant therapies in neonatal jaundice

Author(s): Mohamed Shawky Elfarargy*, Dina Adam Ali, Ghada Mohammad Al-Ashmawy

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Research Article P.106-111

Circulating nitric oxide, malondialdehyde and total antioxidant capacity levels among term septic neonates

Author(s): Amira MM Hamed, Alaa-Eldin A Hassan, Mohammed Abo-Alwafa Aladawy, Mohammed H Hassan

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