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Current Issue

2020: Volume 24, Issue 6

Research Article P.281-284

Hydroxyurea adherence in adolescents and young adults with Sickle Cell Disease: An exploration of barriers to adherence in relation to health-related quality of life.

Author(s): Fatma S Al-Zhrani*, Solafa H Ghoneim, Manar A Makin, Najd A Alsukhayri, Shahad A Al-Alshaynaw

DOI: 0971-9032.24.7.281-284

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Research Article P.285-289

Preterm births and Psychopathology.

Author(s): Frolli A*, Ricci MC, Lombardi A, Bosco A, Orefice A, Operto FF, Bernardo I

DOI: 0971-9032.24.8.285-289

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Research Article P.290-297

COVID-19 Pandemic: Psychological effects of quarantine on adults and children.

Author(s): Frolli A, Ricci MC, Orefice A, Dâ??allocco G, Valenzano L, De Falco L, Oduro S, Cavallaro A

DOI: 0971-9032.24.8.290-296

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Research Article P.298-302

Enuresis in children and adolescents with sickle cell anemia is more frequent and substantially different from the general population.

Author(s): Fatma s Alzhrani*, Sumaih Abdullah Alsadiq, Mai Mohammed Ghaith, Nouf Nawaf Simsim, Noha Hassan Kommosani, Wejdan Hussain AL-Qahtani,Fayza Alsiny

DOI: 0971-9032.24.8.285-290

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Research Article P.303-306

Nutritional counseling on modifying lifestyle practices of obese children

Author(s): Samundeeswari Arunachalam, Maheswari K

DOI: 0971-9032.24.8.303-306

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