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Current Issue

2021: Volume 25, Issue 2

Research Article P.319-323

Antibiotic use for pneumonia in children under-five at a pediatric hospital inJeddah city, Saudi Arabia.

Author(s): Fatma S Alzhrani*, Sumaih Abdullah Alsadiq, Mai Mohammed Ghaith, Nouf Nawaf Simsim,Noha Hassan Kommosani, Wejdan Hussain AL-Qahtani, Fayza Al Siny

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Case Report P.355-357

Tertiary centre experience of laparoscopic-assisted percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy in children: A 9-year review.

Author(s): Rana Bitar*, Amer Azaz, Huda AlGhfeli, Hisham Natour, David Rawat, Mohamed Hobeldin, Mohamed Miqdady, Seifeleslam Abdelsalam

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2021: Volume 25, Issue 3

Research Article P.452-456

Knowledge regarding resuscitation of newborn among nurses.

Author(s): Harikala Soti*, Srijana Gautam, Sharmila Paudel, Muna Bhattarai

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Research Article P.459-465

Provision of early and high amounts of parenteral amino acids to preterm neonates: A prospective matched controlled trial.

Author(s): Ihab A Naser*, Heba M Abuismail, Ayman S Abutair, Mahmmoud H Taleb


Research Article P.466-471

Feasibility of minimal enteral nutrition in neonates with perinatal asphyxia during therapeutic hypothermia: A randomized controlled trial.

Author(s): Trimal Kulkarni, Siddu Charki*, Vijayakumar Biradar, Tanmaya Tyagaraj, Anju T, MM Patil, SS Kalyanshettar, SV Patil

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Research Article P.408-412

The role of ultrasonography in the management of undescended testes. A 6 year review.

Author(s): Rakan Al Darrab*, Rayan Almaini, Hmoud Alqarni, Omar B Alfraidi, Irfan Ullah, Badar Melaibary, Fayez Almodhen, Yasser Jamalalail, Ahmed Al Shammari, Tariq Burki

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Research Article P.401-407

The relationship between maternal reflexive functions and joint attention in neurotypical children.

Author(s): Frolli A*, Ricci M C, Bosco A, Mango G, Di Carmine F, Conson M, Precenzano F, Carotenuto M

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Research Article P.4123-420

Study of blood levels of Lactate, vitamin D and nucleated red blood cells for early prediction of Hypoxicâ??Ischemic encephalopathy: A case-control study.

Author(s): Ahmed Hosni Saad*, Ahmed Thabet Mahmoud, Mohamed Abdelrehem Soliman, Alyaa Ahdy, Abdelaziz

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Research Article P.427-432

Efficacy and safety of ureteroscopy using holmium-YAG laser lithotripsy in treatment of pediatric ureteral stones.

Author(s): Jasim A Al Mayali, Zahraa D Habeeb, Maryam Jabbar Ghazi, Alaa Jumaah Manji Nasrawi*

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Research Article P.362-365

Agreement between Saudi children with cerebral palsy and their parents on the perception of hrqol using the pedsqlâ?¢ 3.0 parent proxy-reports and self-reports: A pilot study.

Author(s): Afrah Almuwais, Nada Alzahrani, Meznah Almuhalhil, Shaima Adossary, Sara Alyagoot, Samiah Alqabbani*

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