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Research Article P.2294-231

Development and content validation of the Pediatric Dizziness Index (PDI).

Author(s): Devashish Tiwari*, Mariah Allen, Rebecca Schulz, Brittany Gotts, Catherine Stewart, Maninderjit Kaur

DOI: 10.35841/0971-9032.28.07.2294-2301

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Case Report P.1-5

Oral prostaglandin E1 derivative for maintaining systemic circulation in a neonate with duct-dependent congenital heart disease in a resource poor setting

Author(s): Nwaneli Ifeyinwa Ezinne, Adiele Daberechi Kenneth*, Nwagboso Chimaobi, Nwaneli Chibundo Uchenna

DOI: 10.35841/0971-9032.27.12.1996-2000

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Research Article P.1-7

Mother to Child Transmission Rate of Hepatitis B after Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate Implementation

Author(s): Sarawut Boonsuk, Weerawan Hattasingh, Kriengsak Limkittikul, Prakaykaew Charunwatthana, Kulkanya Chokephaibulkit, Ngamphol Soonthornworasiri, Chaweewon Boonshuyar

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Research Article P.1463-1468

Hepatitis C virus infection among school students: Pattern and correlates.

Author(s): Mahmoud M Hodeib*, Abd Almageed Abul Magd, Fatma S Ewis, Mostafa S Sheemy, Shaimaa A Senosy

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Case Report P.1473-1475

Cranial ultrasound in congenital cytomegalovirus infection

Author(s): Lidija Banjac*, Gorica Banjac

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Research Article P.1476-1480

Role of S100 in immunity

Author(s): Wasan AL-Bassam

DOI: 10.35841/0971-9032.26.6.1476-1480.

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Case Report P.1537-1538

Peters anomaly, a rare cause of anterior chamber dysgenesis

Author(s): Asghar M*, Sharif F


Review Article P.1-6

COVID-19, should I worry about my child? Are they immune? A comprehensive overview

Author(s): Majid Mohammed Mahmood, Ilhama Jafarli, Aras Fathi Al-Barazanchi, Nadhim Mohammed Mosa, Zaidoon Walid Mahmood Almashhadani and Zenab Ghanim Younus Al-Ameen

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Research Article P.1-7

Knowledge, attitude, and practice of cervical cancer screening and associated factors among reprodu

Author(s): Yoseph Merkeb Alamneh*, Alehegn Aderaw Alamneh, Abtie Abebaw Shiferaw

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Research Article P.0-6

Association of MTHFR gene polymorphism with hyper homocysteinemia and its modulation by vitamin B12 and folic acid in Indian malnourished children.

Author(s): Rinki Kumari*, Divya Verma, Neetu Gautam, Ajay Kumar Sahi, Sneh Shalini Sisodia, Sunil Kumar Rai, G.P Dubey

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Case Report P.1-4

A case study on mifamurtide

Author(s): Meral Simsek*, Erman Atas

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Research Article P.1-3

Antenatal and perinatal predictors of hypoxic encephalolpathy.

Author(s): Alaa Jumaah Manji Nasrawi *

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Research Article P.1-3

Short term outcome of preterm neonates in a tertiary care hospital.

Author(s): Avinash Singraiah, Irshad Abdul Majeed

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Case Report P.1-3

Recognizing the clinical phenotypes of Cornelia de Lange Syndrome a case report

Author(s): Issell Nicolle Aguirre*, Jose Ángel Cruz Estrada

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Research Article P.1-4

Supplementry Suckling Technique: Relactation Tool for Mothers Not Breastfeeding Their Infants.

Author(s): Om Shankar chaurasiya* , kawalpreet chhabra

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Short Communication P.1-2

Treatment of some dermatological cases by laser therapy.

Author(s): Abdullah S. Hasan

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Research Article P.1-5

Depression anxiety and attention in adolescents with sickle cell disease and healthy peers.

Author(s): Kelli R Long*, Courtney C Fostera, Shana W. Schuler, Beth G. Wildman, & Aimee W. Smitha

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Research Article P.22-31

Multidimensional exploration of the neurodevelopment of children from 1 to 3 years old using the Ferre` Neurodevelopment Scale 0-3 (Ferre` NDS0-3)

Author(s): Llamas-Salguero F, Lopez-Farnandez V, Martin-Lobo P, Pradas-Montilla S, Sospedra-Baeza MJ

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Research Article P.49-56

The impacts on oral health education on oral health behavior and knowledge of university students.

Author(s): Ah Reum Shin MS, Yi-Sub Kwak, Hye-Young Kim

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Research Article P.57-63

The impacts of comeback timing on performance and recovery of knee injured players.

Author(s): Soon-Kwon Hong, Yi-Sub Kwak, Seong-Jung Kim

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Review Article P.32-35

ADHD plus and mental disorders: Deciphering their relationship.

Author(s): Marcos Altable*, Juan Moisés de la Serna, Emilio Díaz-Moreno, Adnan Srifiâ??Hasnaoui

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Research Article P.1-12

Newborns of preeclamptic mothers: Morbidity and mortality in a level 3 maternity hospital.

Author(s): Ayari F*, Sdiri Y, Cherifi E, Belhaj Ammar W, Chourou H, Kacem S, Achour R

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Research Article P.1392-1398

GATA.4 and TBX5 gene polymorphism in children with congenital heart disease

Author(s): Salem Deraz*, Mahmoud Al Azzouny, Mohamed Abdellatif, Akram Elsadek, Enas Sebaey

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