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Articles in Press

2020: Volume 24, Issue 3

Research Article P.204-209

Vitamin D and bone mineral density status, and their correlation with bone turnover markers in healthy children aged 6-14 in Vietnam

Author(s): Phuong Minh Nguyen, Linh Van Pham, Kien Trung Nguyen, Dat Phu Nguyen, Hanh Duong Nguyen, Nong Van Lai, Bach Hoang Nguyen, Yen Ngoc Diep, Thang Nguyen*


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2020: Volume 24, Issue 7

Research Article P.243-246

Intussusception characteristics and ultrasound guided pneumatic reduction:A clinical experience in children less than 24 months old in Vietnam.

Author(s): Linh Van Pham, Duc Minh Pham, Quynh Vu Ta, Dat Tan Nguyen, Phuong Minh Nguyen*


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Research Article P.247-253

Lobar pneumonia and bacterial pathogens in Vietnamese children.

Author(s): Khai Quang Tran, Hung Van Pham, Phuong Minh Nguyen, Hung Do Tran, Hung Quoc Lu, Vy Gia, Thuy La, Thang Nguyen*


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Brief Report P.254-256

Applying experiential learning theory to paediatric post-graduate epilepsy training.

Author(s): Reem Abdullah Alyoubi*


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Research Article P.257-263

PANS and PANDAS: Case series of patients in a Danish pediatric clinical cohort.

Author(s): Camilla Birgitte Sørensen, Liselotte Skov, Nanette Mol Debes*


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Research Article P.264-269

Prevalence and risk factors of severe bacterial infections in thalassemia patients.

Author(s): Fatma S. Alzhrani*, Fatima A. Algethmi, Manar A. Makin, Njood A. Barayan, Rawan M. Hilal, Sarah Matouk Alnakhli


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Research Article P.270-272

Body mass index in children with sickle cell anemia at a tertiary center in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Author(s): Fatma S. Alzhrani*, Fayza Alsiny, Ahmed H Aljahdali, Bandar N Almaeen, Faris M Alghamdi, Haif Fahad Alshareef, Reem M Alqahtani


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2020: Volume 24, Issue 6

Editor Note P.1-1

Past Conference Report Pediatrics Congress 2020

Author(s): Alex Willson


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