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Research Article - Current Pediatric Research (2022) Volume 0, Issue 0

The impacts of comeback timing on performance and recovery of knee injured players.

Introduction: This study aimed to investigate the degree of injury with the correlation among three evaluation tools, Cybex, Short?Form McGill Pain Questionnaire (SF-MPQ), and pain scores (questionnaire and subjective scoring scale of the International Knee Documentation Committee, IKDC). And this study also determine whether players recovering from a knee injury can return to sports and whether the three tools can be used together for a comprehensive evaluation of muscle strength, pain, and functional capabilities of the knee. Methods: 40 injured athletes recruited from the I Clinic to treat sports knee injuries. They were asked to fill in the Korean version of (Short?Form McGill Pain Questionnaire) SF-MPQ and IKDC subjective scoring scale. Lastly, isokinetic muscular function was measured at an angular velocity of 180 rad/s and 60 rad/s using the Cybex machine. The results were calculated and evaluated by the Pearson correlation coefficients. Results: There was a significant negative correlation between SF-MPQ, a test to measure pain in players recovering from knee injury, and IKDC, a tool to evaluate the isokinetic muscle function (P<0.05). There was no significant correlation between Cybex, which measures muscle strength of the thigh, and SF-MPQ (P<0.05). Finally, there was a significant positive correlation between Cybex and IKDC (P<0.05). Conclusion: Three evaluation tools were used in order to measure the ability to return to sports; however, there are several variables to consider for the independent use of each tool in its own. The simultaneous use of all three tools may play a useful role in deciding the degree of pain, muscular strength, and isokinetic muscular function of the knee and provide a guide to decide whether a player can return to sports activities.

Author(s): Soon-Kwon Hong, Yi-Sub Kwak, Seong-Jung Kim

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