Biomedical Research

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Biomedical Research

2012: Volume 23, Issue 2

  • Awareness and attitude of youth toward HIV/ AIDS in rural Southern India
    K. Malleshappa, Shivaram Krishna, Shashikumar

  • Evaluation of non-pharmacological method-transcervical foley catheter to intravaginal misoprostol and Prostaglandin E2 gel for preinduction cervical ripening
    Sujata, Iqbal B, Das V, Agarwal A, Singh R

  • Screening for aminoacidurias and organic acidurias in patients with metabolic or neurological manifestations
    Vidya S. Patil, Rama Jailkhani, Dhiraj J. Trivedi, Shreerang.P. Kulkarni, Aparna A. Sagare, Rakesh Mudaraddi, Anil Bargale

  • Comparative Study of Intrathecal Midazolam and Ketamine with Bupivacaine for Post-Operative Analgesia in lower limb and perianal surgery
    Abdul Muthali Hussain, Badurudeen Mahmood Buhary; Zikrullah Tamanna

  • Effect of Silybum marianum on acute hepatic damage caused by carbon tetrachloride in rats
    M. Ozturk, M. Akdogan, I. Keskin, A.N. Kisioglu, S. Oztas and K. Yildiz

  • Serum vitamin D and metabolic syndrome among postmenopausal women in Gorgan
    Abdoljalal Marjani and Sedigheh Moghasemi

  • Advanced maternal age and outcomes of pregnancy: A retrospective study from South Africa
    ME Hoque

  • Oxidative stress status in hypothyroid patients
    Bhawna Bhimte, B.K. Agrawal, V.K. Sharma and Sarika Singh Chauhan

  • Biological vs chemically induced hepatitis-A comparative study of oxidative stress parameters
    Krishnamurthy N, Chinmoy Ghosh , Sumathi M E, Ashakiran S, Dayanand C D

  • Serum Magnesium and Dyslipidemia in Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus
    Sasmita Mishra, P. Padmanaban, G.N. Deepti, G.Sarkar, S. Sumathi, B.D. Toora

  • Surgical treatment of hydrosalpinx improves the expressions of integrin ?v?3 and L-selectin ligand in the endometrium in implantation window
    Yiping Zhong, Jin Li, Haitao Wu, Ying Ying, Yafeng Liu, Canquan Zhou, Yanwen Xu, Xiaoting Shen, Quan Qi

  • Variations in vitamin C levels in leukemias
    K. N. Pujari, S. P. Jadkar, S. N. Mashal , G. J. Belwalkar , Aruna kulkarni , C. G. Patil , and V. B. Tuljapurkar

  • Osteopenia by Risperidone-Induced Hyperprolactinemia: A Case Report
    Walter Milano, Michele De Rosa, Luca Milano, Claudio Petrella, Andrea Ingenito, Anna Capasso

  • Carbohydrate diet links to higher risk of significant coronary artery disease in young Indonesian patients: Cardiometabolic Investigation study
    Sugiri, Sefri Noventi, Ichiro Hisatome, Udin Bahrudin

  • Expression of mesenchymal stem cell markers of human adipose tissue surrounding the vas deferens
    Habip Akbulut, Gökhan Cüce, Tahsin Murad Aktan, Selçuk Duman

  • Evaluation of hypothyroidism as a complication in Type II Diabetes Mellitus
    Swamy RM, Naveen Kumar, Srinivasa K, Manjunath GN, Prasad Byrav DS, Venkatesh G

  • Morphometric analysis of hard palate in south Indian skulls
    Antony Sylvan D?Souza, H. Mamatha, Nayak Jyothi

  • Hematological and biochemical modulation in regular yoga practitioners
    Gabriel A. Carranque, Enrique F. Maldonado, Francisca M. Vera, Juan M. Manzaneque, Maria J. Blanca, Gema Soriano , Miguel Morell

  • Large-Scale Production of Highly Active Recombinant Omi from Escherichia coli Expressed Soluble Protein Aggregates
    Md. Mashiar Rahman, Shahina Akhter, Dipendra Raj Pandeya, Roshan D?Souza1, Seong- Tshool Hong

  • Qualitative assessment of smooth muscle cells propagated on 2D-and 3Dpolycaprolactone polymers via scanning electron microscope
    Tenille Steynberg, Michelle Visagie, Thandi Mqoco, Anu Idicula, Sean Moolman, Wim Richter, Anna Joubert

  • Immunosuppression of NF-?B by intragastric brazilein in motor neuron of spinal cord connected with injured sciatic nerve in mouse
    Jian Cao, Yiwen Jiang, Yi Sun, Xizhe Zhang, Lisen Li, Yuhong Man

  • Lipid profile, serum malondialdehyde, superoxide dismutase in chronic kidney diseases and Type 2 diabetes mellitus
    Ramchandra K Padalkar , Ashok V Shinde , Sangita M Patil

  • Identification of the sex of human hip bone by metric analysis of its anterior border
    Vijayeendra Kanabur

  • Students, perception of computer assisted teaching and learning of anatomy- in a scenario where cadavers are lacking
    Fazal-Ur-Rehman, Sheeba Nuzhat Khan, S. Mobashir Yunus

  • A new method for the measurement and analysis of three-dimensional morphological parameters of proximal Male femur
    Linwei Lv, Guangwei Meng, He Gong, Dong Zhu, Weimin Zhu

  • Protein oxidation: A potential cause of hypoalbuminemia in oral cancer
    Vinod Chandran, Anitha M, Avinash SS, Gayathri M Rao, Beena V Shetty, Sudha K

  • Moderate intensity aerobics training improves pulmonary function in young Indian men
    Chaitra B, Pandurang Narhare, Nagaraja Puranik and Vijay Maitri

  • Demographic profile of patients with attempted suicide
    Singh K, Jindwani K, Sahu RN

  • Evaluation of the Interaction of Aluminium Metal with Glutathione in Human Blood Components
    Haroon Khan, M. Farid Khan, Barkat Ali Khan, Ghulam Razaque, Naheed Haque, Basira Akhter, Bakht Zareen