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The patients' ages ranged from 23 to 80 years. Ten tumours were located in the vagina and two in the vulva. Three patients had been taking tamoxifen. The tumours ranged in size from 2 to 45 mm and morphologically were well-circumscribed lesions composed of bland ovoid to spindle-shaped cells, often with wavy nuclei. These cells were arranged in a variety of architectural patterns and were set in a finely collagenous stroma. Immunohistochemically, there was positivity with vimentin (11 of 11 cases tested), CD34 (six of 12 cases), desmin (nine of 12 cases) and oestrogen receptor (nine of 11 cases).In this paper we describe a new case -to the best of our knowledge, the firstone in Moroccan literature-, discuss the main histological features of this rare entity and the problem of differential diagnosis it raises.They are comprised of well-differentiated smooth muscle cells with few mitotic figures .


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