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Psychological work environment and suicidal ideation among nurses

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March 26-27, 2018 | Orlando, USA

Judith Shiao

National Taiwan University, Taiwan

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Nurses are exposed to a poor psychological work environment; this may cause poor mental health, which is a risk factor for suicidal ideation. We investigated the association between the psychological work environment and suicidal ideation among hospital nurses in Taiwan. In 2015, we conducted a cross-sectional survey in Taiwan female nurses and applied stratified sampling by region (north, central, south, and east) to select representative centers for this study. Approximately 2%–8% of the hospitals from each region were selected. A self-report questionnaire including items on demographic data, the psychological work environment, and suicidal ideation was sent to our participants working in hospitals. Multiple logistic regression and population attributable risk analyses were performed to assess the effect of the psychological work environment on suicidal ideation. A total of 2,734 (76.8%) returned the questionnaires and were eligible for final analysis. The prevalence of suicidal ideation was 18.3%, and higher risk was found to be associated with the educational level of junior college or below, higher personal burnout, higher client-related burnout, and always feeling stressed at work. Estimation of population attributable risk showed that higher personal and client-related burnout and always feeling stressed at work were the most crucial factors among nurses, accounting for 19.4%, 12.7%, and 9.9% of suicidal ideation, respectively. We conclude that considerable proportion of nurses developed suicidal ideation. A poor psychological work environment was relevant factors for suicidal ideation. This study provides relevant knowledge for nursing management levels in preventing the development of suicidal ideation among nurses. Not only for nurses’ mental health, but for patient safety and care quality, further studies in improving nurses’ psychological work environment are warranted.


Judith Shiao is currently working at National Taiwan University College of Medicine and NTU Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan.

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