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Demineralization - it's the other process of mineralization, a process to scale back the content of mineral substances in tissue or organism, like bone demineralization,[1] of teeth. Demineralization can cause serious diseases like osteoporosis or cavity .

Usually, treatment involves administration of appropriate dietary supplements to assist restore the remineralization of human tissues and their physiological condition .
It is caused by the interaction of bacteria, mostly Streptococcus mutans, and sugar on enamel surface. Bacteria breakdown fermentable carbohydrate like glucose, sucrose, and fructose and cause an acidic environment that results in demineralization and resultant carious lesions.
There are several theories proposed on how oral bacteria are literally acquired. At birth, the mouth is understood to be effectively sterile; however, acquisition is achieved via transmission from food/milk/water, from parents, or from oral mucosa shedding surface during eruption of dentition .
Acid erosion mechanisms
Dental erosion are often defined as being the loss of hard tissues though dissolution by acids of nonbacterial origin or mechanical damage. When exposed to acid, teeth become softer because the HA is solubilized, and thus , more vulnerable to mechanical wear.

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