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Articles in Press

2021: Volume 5, Issue 1

Case Report P.1-4

Radiological assessment of difficult airway in thyroid malignancy: A retrospective case study

Author(s): Shivaam Kesarwaani, Vedula Padmini Saha, Animesh Ghosh, M K Nandhini, Somnath Saha5

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2021: Volume 5, Issue 2

Research Article P.1-3

cross sectional study on analysis of reasons of root canal treatment and retreatment in Pakistan.

Author(s): Aliya Ehsan, Jawwad Iqbal Afridi


Research Article P.1-6

Deep neck space infections: A 3 year study at tertiary care centre of west bengal, India.

Author(s): Shivaam Kesarwaani*, Animesh Ghosh, Sudipta Pal, Anirban Ghosh, Somnath Saha

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