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Organ transplantation is becoming the optimal therapy strategy for end stage renal, liver heart and lung diseases. The introduction of higher and more specific immunosuppressive drugs have enable organ replacement to get its current place.
The organ are often heart, lungs, liver, kidney, eye etc. First the specialists will look for an ideal donor, which involves checking the donor-recipient compatibility, donor’s health, live or cadaveric donar, etc. With better organ preservation techniques the organ of deceased donor are often preserved and used when required. Then the specialists will transplant the organ to the recipient during which they're going to lookout to attach the main blood vessels to the new organ, arteries, veins, nerve connections, etc. in order that the transplant organ can get nourished from blood. The patient are going to be given immunosuppressive drugs to scale back the transplant rejection.
Transplantation Technologies & Research is one among the simplest indexed journals in Transplantation. The published papers are indexed in many prestigious indexing platforms, giving wide readership and visibility. All the submitted papers undergo rigorous peer-review process which provides top quality and reliable published content.  Organ transplantation is that the transfer of essential organs from one location to a different with during a same individual or from one person to the opposite for the aim of replacing patients damaged or absent organs. Many diseases which can not be readily curable by any existing therapies are often cured by this method of organ transplantation. There are differing types of transplantations and therefore the most ordinarily transplanted organs are kidneys, liver and heart.

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